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Someone crashed into me - went into my lane

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Someone just went into my lane. Only had my Forester 1 year. 2018 model. My brother in law said, "once you get it fixed, get rid of it.


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Sorry to see / hear that. Hope you're doing OK.....

Uncanny how you were talking about safety and EyeSight last year when you purchased your car.
@ForesterCub I don't think EyeSight would have helped me in this situation. I don't have it on my car. Luckily I wasn't hurt. No airbags deployed.
I couldn't stop my car after I was hit. Finally took key out. My brother in law said I probably was stepping on gas by accident. I guess
that could have been true, because the tow truck driver had no problem driving it onto his truck and stopping it. I was in a panic situation.
Greetings from a fellow Virginian! Sorry to hear about this. Did it just happen today? I would say that a strong case could be made for keeping it, depending on the extent of the damage, particularly if it runs and drives as well as new after it's repaired. Keep us up to date regarding what they say needs to be fixed.
Sorry to hear about the accident. Never a good thing . . . Good luck with the repair.
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I'm sorry to hear about your mishap. Based on the photos, I would think that the primary thing you would want to monitor (if you keep it) would be tire wear on that wheel. Since it's the age of Carfax, etc., you may take another "hit" if you decide to sell.
Accidents happen.
Dang.. Someone changed lanes into you? Looks like front to front.
The damage looks primarily cosmetic except perhaps for the left front wheel.
How did that tire go flat? Did it get ripped or get the brunt of the impact...
Regardless, the car will be repaired because the damage repair cost to value calc won't be exceeded.

When the car is being fixed, take a look at the invoice for what is being done on the estimate.
If it's all "pretty stuff" - fenders, bumper, paint, etc and the car still drives straight there's no reason to sell it.

Major suspension repair and component replacement or "untweaking" the body... I would look to sell the vehicle.
The advantage if you do that immediately, is you can make a good case for realized depreciated value with insurance if allowed in your state when you settle.
The tire could have gone flat when I went up into curb. Plus it sounded like it was scraping on something. I would rather keep the car. Thank for the advice. I will take a look at the invoice when they fix it. I’m still waiting for the claims adjuster to call me. They sure take their sweet time.

Someone bashed our 2016 in the rear end and it looked like just the bumper and hatch was crumpled. But when I checked the invoice for the work, they had put it on a frame jig.... When we took it back after repair we noticed a squeak while driving it home. We traded it in on a 2018 premium and took a small hit on the trade in value of 19k but we love the newer one by a bunch more. Hope it works out for you!
And they are bound to find additional (supplemental) damage once they start the repairs. It appears you are also entitled to a settlement for diminished value in Virginia:
Wow :surprise:

Replacing both wheels right down to the tpms! And suspension damage in addition to all those panels.

Was that a dealer estimate or the insurance assessor?
Sorry to hear about that. Glad every one is okay.
I too would try to sell/trade as soon as it is fix.
If I could do it again I would buy an 2018 XT.
Wow :surprise:

Replacing both wheels right down to the tpms! And suspension damage in addition to all those panels.

Was that a dealer estimate or the insurance assessor?
Dealer estimate

And they are bound to find additional (supplemental) damage once they start the repairs. It appears you are also entitled to a settlement for diminished value in Virginia:
Yes, I’m going to file a loss of value claim.
According to your list they are replacing only 1 tire... If the others are worn more than a little, that isn't good for a Subaru.
The replaced tire needs to be shaved down to match or you need a set.

Pretty extensive repair list...
They called me this morning and said it might be ready tomorrow. That’s fast. I will file my loss of value when they are done.
Agreed regarding diminished value. A prospective buyer is likely to run your vehicle through CarFax, and when he/she sees it was in an accident, may either refuse to buy it altogether, or else may insist on a substantially lower price.

Even if you could prove (e.g., via an appraisal) that the vehicle has been fully restored to its pre-accident condition, many would-be buyers will see there is a CarFax report and will exclude your car from consideration on that basis alone, without even looking at the details of the report or giving you a chance to explain.

Probably best to get it appraised, sell it ASAP, and then demand compensation for the diminished value (plus the cost of the appraisal which you would otherwise have had no reason to get) as part of your property damage settlement (or award) from the other driver and/or their insurance company.
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I would tend to agree with this, if a carfax report says damage of any kind I move on because it just isn't worth the hassle to me in the long run; I don't care how they certify it was "totally fixed" it never really is...
@LindainVa -
When you pick up the car, you might want to stop by a dealer and look at a new car that isn't a Subaru.

Tell the new car dealer you want to trade it in because of the accident (it may not show up in any records yet).
Get a proposal purchase estimate that includes your car's trade in value... when it comes in substantially lower than expected blue book trade in, the difference between the two will provide the evidence of the ACTUAL depreciated value.
You can use that amount to assess the fairness of any insurance offer or determine if it is worth pursuing legally if they don't.
Actual evidence will help you in either case.
Good luck.
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Well, have been driving my car for a little while now, and it drives just as good as I remember. RK body shop did a really good job. They do have a good reputation. I plan on keeping the car, it’s paid off, and I don’t want another car payment. The insurance company would only give me 2,000 for depreciation. They told me that the insurer’s policy was cancelled back in Nov, how they didn’t know that, I don’t know, unless she was lying to me.
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