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Well, after two successful Forester Meets (April 18th & April 25th) here in Huntington Beach, and knowing that there are a ton more of you Local Forester owners out there, I took the time to do a lil' research to find out what the potential could be for a HUGE SOCAL Forester meet!!!

After talking to many of you at the meets, car shows and through the forum, I found that a lot of us would like to have a regular scheduled meet every month or ever couple of weeks, as well as an Annual SoCal Forester meet.

Here is the list I have so far. If you know of anyone else I may have missed, please PM me and I will add them to the list. Also, if see anyone on the list who is no longer active on the forum or sold their Forester, PM me and will remove their name. Thanks!

Socal Forester Owners:

All updated and in alphabetical order!

1. 04Eastwood (San Diego)
2. AChan10 (Cerritos)
3. Angry Toaster (Mission Viejo)
4. badman (Tustin)
5. Benjiel82 (Seal Beach)
6. bizarro (Redlands)
7. cappelhans (Eagle Rock)
8. classtimesailer (Redondo Beach)
9. cnunez13 (Irvine)
10. dads cruizzer (L.A.)
11. dasboot (Socal)
12. deparko (Redondo Beach)
13. dizizjake (Burbank)
14. dons09 (L.A.)
15. duckboy (Torrance)
16. elmer (Socal)
17. ep05xt (Socal)
18. Evan (Rancho Santa Margarita)
19. Fahren (Orange County)
20. fat boy05 (Rancho Santa Margarita)
21. forester explorer (Socal)
22. FXTTONY (Victorville)
23. geo forester (Socal)
24. Graham (Socal)
25. htram516 (Socal)
26. idisc0 (L.A.)
27. jburkey (San Diego)
28. Jdm Junkyard (Pomona)
29. JerryRu (Socal)
30. Jim Bohac (Long Beach)
31. Kean (Socal)
32. MannyLegacy (Anaheim)
33. mattress (Vista)
34. ne0stai2dust (909)
35. ne1awd (Rancho Cucamongo)
36. neoshi (Irvine)
37. Norester (Van Nuys)
38. perwel36 (Socal)
39. Phil Harvey (Socal)
40. pokadots (Orange County)
41. preacher (Laguna Beach)
42. quickshoe (Rancho Cucamonga)
43. ricyoon (Socal)
44. rohaib34 (Loma Linda)
45. rok3479 (Socal)
46. Rommel (Socal)
47. rush2112 (Rancho Santa)
48. salvi (San Diego)
49. Sborderz (Fullerton)
50. Schinho (Socal)
51. sential (Costa Mesa)
52. Shock Resist (Socal)
53. Skotia (Socal)
54. Steve (Orange)
55. Stick (Irvine)
56. SubbieNewbie (Socal)
57. SUBIDOO (Socal)
58. Subtle-Solutions (Huntington Beach)
59. Svenina (Socal)
60. svujcg (Costa Mesa)
61. takeshi999 (Socal)
62. tallazzPilipino (Palm Springs)
63. TheCoach (L.A.)
64. treich007 (Lakewood)
65. tropic1 (Socal)
66. Tussen (San Clamente)
67. vvebsta (Orange County)
68. zach (Socal)

TOTAL = 68 Forester Owners in SoCal!

That would be an amazing car meet and make a great photo for the forum and possible calendar/poster!

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I think in order to pull anything of this magnitude off, we will need a long advanced notice or a set schedule. A big draw for me would be nice, couple hour long scenic drives.

Ah crap.. I'm back with my 05 XS
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^Agreed. A lot of people also don't check the boards that often ("often" is subjective, but for me it's at least once a day) so we may need contact info for notifications of a big drive and hang out/bbq/bring your families and friends meet. I've been combing over Orange County for a good drive place (like Marin in norcal), but haven't seen any yet. Suggestions anyone?

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I would be down for a drive (~2 hours) followed by a meal/picnic. Any longer and my wife and child wouldn't be able to come. I was thinking something along the lines of Big Bear.

As for contact information, if someone wanted to volunteer as a administrator for these events, we could PM our contact information (cell/home phone, email address) to be contacted regarding events.

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Frillamane..that is more than I would have thought.

Ortega HWY would make a nice drive...or possibly Palomar mtn. (never been there).

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Roo and I would drive down from NorCal to attend a Foerster meet of that size!

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Hmm...Maybe mid-summer time?

As for location, the following things come into mind: pictures, BBQ, plenty of room for parking, away from the general public, in Socal, room for vendor booths, etc.

I would love to help set something up, but can't do it all on my own.

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I live in Rancho Santa Margarita not san clemente :icon_razz::tissue::new_multi::bling::bananapartyhat::Banane14:

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Add another to your list.

Quickshoe---Rancho Cucamonga, CA
08 XT Limited w/5 speed.
Hey Dude! I'm local to the area as well. I'm in the IE as well (Rialto). what color is your's? I may have see you around. maybe we can meet and greet sometime?

Brad - if you need help getting going, let me know. I'm more than willing to help out get the meet going. Do you still have my number dude? give me a call sometime. I'm usually free in the afternoon everday (since i work mornings).

There is a point to have the meet somewhere in the middle for everyone. and Judging by where everyone would be coming from (as far south as SD to as far north as LA/Rancho Santa Margarita or so), there can be various places where we can have a meet. is maybe the beach may be the best spot or somewhere else?

I'd like to say the beach if everyone can get there early enough. that is problem. to get enough parking for around 60 cars, you'd have to be at the beach at least by 10am. I'll volunteer to get there early but i can only try and save so many places if that is the case. But I'm just thinking huntington beach in general. there are other beaches with enough parking for 60 cars or so. its just a time that is factor.

also, a meet that large, especially doing a bbq, maybe potluck style? its up to you guys. but i'm more than willing to help organize this meet. and to have silke and greg are going to come as well, that would awesome.
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