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So why does Subaru think I need hill assist? (merged thread)

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I have been having an odd problem where I have no response to the accelerator on my 2015 Forester. It happens so fast it almost seems like it is my imagination. But it has happened a couple of times now so pretty sure it is really happening.

The problem only seems to occur after I slow down to almost a stop then go to accelerate again. It does not happen all of the time just every once in awhile. If I let off of the accelerator then press again the engine responds.

I don't know if it is related but the Hill Assist light has been coming on lately very periodically. I just had this power failure issue and the Hill Assist warning light had just been on.

I guess I need to keep better track of the symptoms. Not sure if the light was on in the last loss of acceleration episode. I also don't recall if the tach increased when i pressed on the accelerator but I am pretty sure it did not.

Has anyone else seen this problem or is aware of it?
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With their move away from manual transmission, I think it's just going to become a standard part of the way things work.
In the early days (SG and probably SF series), Hill Holder was a hydraulic approach that only worked when facing uphill. It traces back to Studebaker in the 50s (like my Dad's). Then they started to move toward more integrated, electrically controlled systems, and took note of the downhill situation. Nowadays everything is wired together.
2007 is part of the SG series. It ran through 2008.

I don't know whether the move toward electronic "Hill Start Assist" happened with the advent of the SH series in 2009. It was the beginning of the electronic era.
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