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So why does Subaru think I need hill assist? (merged thread)

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I have been having an odd problem where I have no response to the accelerator on my 2015 Forester. It happens so fast it almost seems like it is my imagination. But it has happened a couple of times now so pretty sure it is really happening.

The problem only seems to occur after I slow down to almost a stop then go to accelerate again. It does not happen all of the time just every once in awhile. If I let off of the accelerator then press again the engine responds.

I don't know if it is related but the Hill Assist light has been coming on lately very periodically. I just had this power failure issue and the Hill Assist warning light had just been on.

I guess I need to keep better track of the symptoms. Not sure if the light was on in the last loss of acceleration episode. I also don't recall if the tach increased when i pressed on the accelerator but I am pretty sure it did not.

Has anyone else seen this problem or is aware of it?
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Every manufacturer as far as I know uses it. I have a 2016 chev spark 5sp. I was prepared to hate it but its nice.

I obviously don't need it bc I have been driving stick for 57 years. No big deal
I have now noticed in a lot of newer vehicles the automatic transmission no longer holds the vehicle in position and tends to roll backwards
My CVT holds the vehicle on a hill.
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