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I went to a few dealers to look at some 2003 FX's

I can't believe some of the lines I heard...typical sales speak.
I actually found a 2003 that had NO coolant and the salesman spent 5 mins trying to convince me it was full and not to worry that you can't see any coolant when you open the rad cap, that's what the overflow is (it was empty too)

So All the cars I've seen are around 100-130k/mi and around $7500 to $8500 and all have pluses and minuses. Made an offer on one and got told too low.

Back to the grindstone!

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Good luck with your search!

Who needs coolant in their radiator? you are so picky. :lol:

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Lol... I remember looking around lots in NOVA at various Subbies. Sometimes at Subaru dealers, sometimes at used lots, but most of the responses were the same for that sort of thing.

"The oil is not reading on the dipstick... at all..."
"You're reading it wrong"
"I don't think so... how about you give it a try."
*sales guy pulls it out, still dry*
"Uh... that's normal.... it's a special kind of dipstick that only Subarus have..."
*I point at my car*
"My dipstick is the same and works fine. This engine is low on oil, and there's no coolant in the overflow bottle. Good luck with the next guy. Maybe he'll be COMPLETELY stupid, because obviously my level of stupidity still isn't stupid enough."
"Thanks for the help."

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