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The stock headunit is underpowered.

Keep the stock headunit + speakers, pipe the headunit into an external amplifier.

If that isn't enough, then speaker replacement is next.

I'm sure others will chime in shortly ...

Hey everyone. I'm new here. I just purchased my Forester a couple of weeks ago and I loveeeeeeeeeeeee It!.. however.. The Audio System...well.. It needs to go.. I live in Southern California (in the LA Area). Me and my wife both utilize the car and I don't want anything too fancy.. I'm married now and my AMP/huge Subwoofer/Etc days are over. I just want nicer speakers and something that wont look ugly in the HUB.. preferably a Head Unit that takes up the entire space.. My wife is hesitant because she does not want to ruin the look with something that doesn't look like it belongs there.. and I totally agree with her! Also.. we love our Ipod audio jack and want to continue having steering wheel control over the audio.. Are we being over-ambitious? is this possible? will it void the warranty? is there a place in Southern California that can give me all of this? I'm really not a picky person but the sound system just.. sucks. Please assist. No tweeters, Amps, Subs.. just new speakers and new Head Unit.. gotta look like it belongs there and I want to retain the audio jack and Steering controls.. thats all... The car trim is: 2010 Forester X Premium - All Weather Package.
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