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After the first blizzard hit Philly (28" of snow), I had to pick up my daughter at grannies in Jersey. I shoveled all the snow into our small one lane street (behind the vehicle) and thought I'd just back down the street on the return trip. Unfortunately, a neighbor was stuck in the middle of the block upon my return so I attempted to go through the 4 feet of snow that I had piled in the street. That left me with the picture below - front wheels suspended in mid-air.

Snow drift - 1
Overeager Subiedriver - 0

Conveniently, I had organized a blizzard party at this time so the neighbors helped me dig out the compacted snow.

Yes, I've learned my lesson. 3 foot drifts were no problem though.

Love my 03 Forester!! 120k and going strong.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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