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2004 STI 6MT (2005)
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Snoshado's "Because Racecar" Build Thread

Random Mods

  • 2006 STI Longblock
  • Top Feed Injector Conversion
  • Fuel Injector Clinic 1100cc Injectors
  • Blouch TD06 20G-XT Turbo
  • Manley CR Pistons
  • ACL Race Bearings
  • CX Racing FMIC
  • Random Technologies Catted Hi-Flo Downpipe
  • Tomei Equal Length Headers
  • Tomei Up Pipe
  • Prodrive Boost Solenoid
  • OEM STI Spark Plugs
  • Koyo Aluminum Radiator
  • COBB Turbo Heat Shield
  • Injen Short Ram Air Intake
  • 3" COBB Catless Exhaust
  • Perrin Turbo Inlet Hose
  • Perrin Master Cylinder Brace
  • Kartboy Short Shifter
  • Mishimoto Oil Catch Can
  • Group N Motor Mounts

  • 2005 STI Transmission
  • 2005 STI Rear Differential
  • 2005 STI Front/Rear Hubs (5x114.3)
  • 2005 STI Driveshaft & Axles
  • 2005 STI Front/Rear Brembo Brakes
  • ACT Heavy Duty Clutch Kit
  • Competition Clutch Lightweight Flywheel

Wheels / Suspension
  • Enkei Rajin Wheels 18x8"
  • Kumho Ecsta PX91 XL 245/35/18
  • MSW Type 85 Wheels 17x8" +48 Offset
  • 2005 STI JDM Struts
  • STI Aluminium Lateral Links
  • STI Rear Strut Tower Brace
  • Perrin Polyurethane Front End Links
  • Rear Subframe Lockdown Bolts / Bushings

  • 2008 FXT Gauge Cluster Surround
  • 2011 OEM STI Shift Knob
  • 2006 STI Shifter Surround
  • 2008 JDM STI Hazard Button
  • AEM Wideband Gauge
  • Prosport Boost Gauge (52mm)
  • Prosport Oil Pressure Gauge (52mm)
  • STI Floor Mats
  • WRX Limited Front Seats
  • Polk Front/Rear Speakers (DB651)

  • Front STI CS2 Style Lip
  • 2008 Sport Front End (headlights, grille, hood, fenders, bumper)
  • 2013 STI HID Projectors + OEM Harness (retrofitted by me!)
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Subtle Solutions Skidplate
  • 2008 Sport Tail Lights
  • 2008 Forester Sports Sideskirts
  • 2006 OEM STI Front / Rear Emblems

Wish List

This was my first real dirt drive out by Pyramid Lake, NV! Good times :icon_wink:


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2004 STI 6MT (2005)
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Yeah it's not Rohaib's. I forgot this guy's user name.. he lives down here too. Are you back in Tahoe?
Haha yeah well let me know when you find out who it is! We are back in Tahoe.. It's freaking snowing so I pretty much hate my life right now :lol:

Always good to see another member starting their MODding Journal! :cool:

Remember, without "lots" of pictures, it didn't happen! :wink:


['07 FSXT MODding Journal] ['03 X MODding Journal]
Haha yeah I have other pics up here somewhere... I want to take decent ones with my real camera though instead of my cell phone! Hopefully I'll get around to taking pics of all the mods that the previous owners did to the car :biggrin:

I've got a few interior pics to be posted tomorrow or something as well!

OH it's OMG's!
Yeah! I knew you'd figure it out :woohoo:

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2004 XT
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crash bandicoot or sumtin.... anyway good lookin car man its like taking a HUUUGE step from a X to a 20g... be careful of that black ice!!

and i wish i was still snowing down in socal :( i still have my yakimas up to remind me there WAS a season

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2004 STI 6MT (2005)
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20G FXT + Snoshado = :censored: me!


Hurry up and post pics!

And congrats...I think. :crazy::biggrin:
Haha I've been keeping her out of boost as much as I can. I think I'm a safer driver with this car overall because it's so touchy and I don't wanna get a ticket :lol:

Added pics!

Did it not come with a full size? Or are you talking about getting a 5th matching wheel & tire so you can rotate it in?
No it came with a donut thing... I'm just going to get the regular full-size like the one that came in our '03.

congrats on the purchase. i know the feeling of going from no power to big power. Went from a stage 2 fxt to a fp green'd fxt. start saving for a tranny upgrade though, it is practically unavoidable
Thank you! I'm actually a little scared of this car - it's just unbelieveably fast. The tranny has already been replaced but I do plan on swapping out for a 6 speed sometime in the near future.. As well as a Stage 2 or 3 clutch!

Yay... another journal thread for Crash Bandicoot, I mean Snoshado.

I wish I was cool enough to have multiple Forester journals... :wink:
Where did you come up with that name?! I don't get it, seeing as I never crash haha. :crazy:

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^crash lol
:popcorn: :biggrin:
this ought to be good.

really though, nice score, now prove us all wrong by being a mature owner and taking care of it. Play nice on public roads, save it for events.

oh and moar pics please...

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2004 STI 6MT (2005)
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Freaking Remington..

Vicali, thanks! So far, so good on the mature factor. I've been keeping it at the speed limit and not doing any crazy driving stuff :lol: So many people wanna drive it too...

Pics will come! It snowed a foot last night, fml. It was in the 60's last week! I don't get it >.<
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