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Smoky Mountains July 4th, 2019:

Took my Fozzie Touring out to experience the mountain terrain. In South Florida you are naturally mountain underprivileged. 🤪

Observations while in the park:

1. Don’t use Waze...recommend using the Tom Tom GPS exclusively!

2. When needed use the Paddle shifting.

Observations on Highway travel:

1. Waze application: Participating with the Waze community provides necessary travel advisory information and you can enrich this community effort with needful post findings and by deleting stale member warnings.

2. The Fozzie was amazingly comfortable: We drove 850 miles from Knoxville to Juno Beach in one day. Most other vehicles i have used in the past it would take 2 day travel due to the fatigue!

Sightseeing Yada Yada:

“Smoky Mountains Railroad” ride in Bryson City: $81 per person + $6 parking - IMO, too expensive for what you get and burns up a major part of the sightseeing day.

Sanity Check: Stay out of Gatlinburg! Badly congested roads too many jay walking tourists and their cars blocking the streets waiting to access too many jammed parking lots.

Wrap Up: The indelible fun factor of the Fozzie!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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