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BEWARE !! I brought my 03 Forester to Smith Cairns Yonkers for service. A week ago The Forester developed a misfire , hesitation under acceleration , rough at idle and cruising. Dropped the car off at service they diagnosed it as a defective PCM (Power Control Module) $1200 est for repair. I told the rep (Brandon) not to do any work that I would come in pay the Diagnostic fee and be on my way. He then told me I needed 4 tires and that they had them in stock. The car isn't running right the last thing I need is 4 new tires. He then said there is a nail in my rear passenger tire and they could plug it. Once again "dont touch anything else" ......... When I got there Tire is flat no sign of a nail (I doubt if there ever was one). Car is running rough and Im out $125 diag fee. I head straight to Auto Zone the next day , FREE Diag tells me to do a basic tune up. I started with 4 plugs for less than $10. The hesitation is gone. Drove to Vermont avg 70 mph and 25 mpg for the weekend. I will never ever go back to these thieves at Smith Cairns Subaru Yonkers and you shouldn't either.

05 Legacy GT sold
07 Impreza
03 Forester

Dave R
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