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2007 Forester C.E. 4EAT
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Found an '01 Limited I was going to get but the price was high and firm to the penny. Then I looked at about a half-dozen '04-'08s. The very last one is the blue Forester I ended up getting on March 3rd. Pretty basic 4EAT '07 with 58,400mi (94,000km). Very clean inside. No HG or timing belts done but I know what to expect.

So far so good. 1 Month and approximately 1,200mi (2000km) later.

March 3rd '14
When I saw it I didn't love the colour. Nor did I like the mudflaps. It had other things going for it and I couldn't see one with low mileage in private sales so I accepted compromises. It is called a Columbia Edition apparently.

March 23rd '14
Detail it. Remove CE badge and dealership propaganda stickers. Remove the mudflaps. I think it is looking alright here. Adding pictures and dates of more mods v.soon.
IMG_1302.jpg IMG_1310.jpg IMG_1304.jpg IMG_1311.jpg
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