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Greetings all

I've been perusing this forum over the last few days trying to get as much info as possible on offroad mods i will be making soon. There are some great resources here but I can't find much info thus far on SJR Subaru lift kits (google sjr subaru lift). At the moment I've got a 2001 S with grabber 265 65r16s. I've ordered primitive plates and am considering the subtle solutions 1" lift along with a few other mods down the line...perhaps king springs and some recovery gear.

Does anyone have any input on the SJR lifts (2" would be what I would go with), or know if I would be able to combine it with the 1" Subtle Solutions or Jackson Rally lift. Obviously, if that SJR 2" is a strut kit, that would be way too much strut lift with the 1" subtle strut kit in addition but I dont know if the SJR is a strut or body lift to begin with. I would assume that a 2" body and 1" strut would absolutey be compatible. I've also heard that 2" strut lift to begin with is a bit too much strain on the Forester suspension and somewhere around 1.5 is the most you should do... which, if true, is kinda weird because nobody makes a 1.5" strut lift on this continent. Any input would be greatly appreciated

Many Thanks
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