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SJ FXT Damaged Rear toe arm

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SJ FXT Help Please Damaged Rear toe arm


My question is concerning a small rip I identified in the boot of the stock rear toe arm on my XT with only 9700 miles:icon_eek:. I see that a number of well informed members here have chosen to upgrade the toe arm to an adjustable version for toe correction after lowering, cusco, whiteline, gtspec SPC ect. I am still deciding between lowering and a lift and want to know if now Would be a good time to upgrade to an adjustable toe arm like the
gtspec-gts-sus-1407 or kta147b-whiteline-rear-adjustable-toe-arms
And if those would be applicable for a height change both up or down.
Thanks again for the communities time and any input is greatly appreciated!

Big mahalos from the Big Island,


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My take would be to wait until you decide up or down ;-)
Thanks definitely noted. I was also trying to get a gauge of how urgent the priority of repair was or what symptoms may exhibit from the toe arm beginning to fail.

Not urgent as those type of joints can go on for a long time before any issues arise. You may eventually get a little knocking but the joint is not going to fall apart ;-)
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