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SJ Forester XT factory skid plate any good?

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I have a 2015 Forester XT. The OEM skid plate is made of steel and it looks kind of strong, but I have no experience with this stuff. Anyway, I'm just wondering if other people have replaced the OEM skid plate with an aftermarket one, or the OEM one is good enough. Thanks in advance.
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I tnink there is another post on here somewhere about that...

Or it may be about the 2019 Forester [no XT] plate....
@igorcarajo I recently went the complete armor package from Primitive Racing during Black them!


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It's just thin aluminum, you can bend it quite easily with your hand, probably for aerodynamics than physical protection.
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Yep stock piece is more about air flow directing under the car for mileage and NVH inside the vehicle, thin nearly useless for rocks. Primitive setup looks nice.
I agree with the others. It’s a fancier splash guard that allows a bit more “venting” than n/a splash guard.

I ran the primitive 3/16 on my 2.5i for three years. It’s been sitting in my garage for the last 2 years. Something to consider is that during winter months, an awful lot of snow, salt, road grime splashed onto front catalytic converter and exhaust, causing quite a bit of corrosion! I even modified cut and left on the sides of the splash guard to cover the gaps left from the skid plates, but enough crap slipped through that it persuaded me to put on my backup, 2nd splash guard.

None-the-less, if anyone is in the Reno,NV location - I’ll give you a great deal on it 😉
def a splash guard highly suggest upgrading depending on your climate like someone stated dealing with snow and salt. Dirt sucks but dosent mess things up like the salt when left untreated for some time.
the OEM one is pretty much made to deflect small highway debris... here what i picked up and put on my FXT
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