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***NEW PICS PAGE 34 and Timeline updated (12-10-2010)***

Well, down at the beach this weekend w/ Grandfather and family. Things fell into place and I picked up an '08 WRB FSXT from Subaru of Richmond on the way back home.

And so dubbed "BLUE WASABI" to further the tradition (in bone stock state straight from the dealership):

looks great ! how are you liking it so far, especially compared to your previous XT ?
I like it but the wheel well gap and the stock suspension is killing me. Kinda weird having stock quiet and power but I have been keeping it below 4k so not really had a chance to lay into it. Has pretty decent low end power for the TD04. Not sure what exactly is different about the '08 ECU tuning. Added bonus of a huge sunroof (not that I wanted one but whatthehay!)

I like the added AUX in w/ MP3 ability. Came w/ homelink autodimming mirror and armrest extender (not sure if those two are standard now). Like that it already has the WRX pedals but will be getting the matching dead pedal shortly. :wink:

I like the new lights, bumper, lip spoiler, matching rear spoiler w/ brake light, and new remote lock/unlock control.

I really miss a couple things that came standard from the factory: Heated seats (but the full cloth is good and a little more supportive), heated wiper blades, and fog lights.

I really miss the power from Black Wasabi, the suspension from it and the braking...RIP buddy! Blue Wasabi will slowly build up w/ power mods not coming any time soon to appease the wife. :wink: but I told her I would lower it and get new brakes right away. Looking right now at swifts w/ moboost support and KB endlinks. Can't forget the 20mm STi RSB w/ mounts. Brakes I am looking at standard upgrades w/ Brembos in the future. :wink:

Oh, and I don't like the new "larger than a standard donut" donut spare wheel. Will have to get another wheel.

I am giddy like a school girl...hope I can sleep tonight.:icon_rolleyes::biggrin:

07-23-2007: (INSTALLED...Pg 8)
  • Recaro Sport Baby Seat
07-30-2007: (INSTALLED...Pg 8)
  • WRX Matching dead pedal
09-15-2007: (INSTALLED)
  • Prodrive 2.5" axleback
10-24-2007: (INSTALLED)
  • STi 20mm solid RSB (upgrade over the stock hollow 17mm) w/ larger mounts
  • KB rear endlinks
  • MoBoost LLWS
10-25-2007: (INSTALLED...Pg 11)
  • Swift Sport springs
11-20-2007: (INSTALLED)
  • Bridgestone Blizzak WS-50 215/55/17 tires on stock 17x7 FSXT STi wheels
01-01-2008: (INSTALLED)
  • APS 65mm CAI w/ (Blue) Samco intake hose
02-06-2008: (DE-INSTALLED)
  • De-installed APS 65mm CAI w/ (Blue) Samco intake hose for repainting and possible testing w/ new size filter
  • Reinstalled stock airbox w/ K&N panel filter and stock intake hose
02-09-2008: (INSTALLED)
  • SPT oil cap (Blue)
  • SPT battery tie down (Blue)
04-13-2008: (INSTALLED)
  • COBB AP v.2 - flashed Stage 1
05-16-2008: (INSTALLED)
  • 225/45/18 Falken Ze-912s mounted on 18x8 Gold Enkei RPF1s
05-17-2008: (INSTALLED)
  • JDM FSTi grill
08-11-2008: (MODIFIED)
  • Coated COBB catted DP w/ Black Satin
08-12-2008: (INSTALLED)
  • 2005 WRX STi seats
08-13-2008: (INSTALLED)
  • Coated COBB catted DP w/ Black Satin
  • ApexI SS 2.5" resonated intermediate pipe
  • Flashed COBB OTS stage 2
12-08-2008: (INSTALLED)
  • STi Panel Filter
12-09-2008: (INSTALLED)
  • 17x7.5 Bronze Rota SDR wheels w/ custom "STI" centercap overlay shod w/ 225/55/17 Michelin Primacy Alpin PA3s
04-20-2009: (INSTALLED)

  • [*]OEM Gold STi Brembo Calipers (F&R)
    [*]Front STi DBA 4000 rotors
    [*]Rear STi adapter DBA 4000 rotors (to work w/ stock Forester hand brake)
    [*]Rear adapter bracket (for STI rear calipers)
    [*]STi Hawk HPS pads (F&R)
    [*]SS lines (F&R)
    [*]STi Master Cylinder
    [*]ATE Blue Fluid
04-26-2009: (MODIFIED)
  • SUBTLE Black vinyl cover for silver rear tailgate strip
  • Black vinyl overlays for A/C knobs
05-08-2009: (INSTALLED)
  • BNIB VF43
  • 2006 STI TMIC
  • 2006 STI BPV
  • Perrin (Blue) STI BPV hose
  • Flashed COBB OTS VF43 93oct

06-22-2009: (INSTALLED)
  • Custom painted Honda CRV cap for RPF1s
  • Replica Forester STI "STI" large front bumper stickers
  • Custom SUBTLE turbo chimney duct w/ heat shield (powder coated)

07-11-2009: (INSTALLED)
  • Repainted black APS CAI 65mm intake w/ K&N filter and prefilter
  • Samco (Blue) after MAF hose
  • One step colder NGK iridium plugs
  • Perrin EBCS
  • Custom Jorge dyno protune (300/300 at the wheels)

07-21-2009: (INSTALLED)
  • Rota T3s HyperSilver 18x8 w/ custom "STI" centercap overlay shod w/ Falken Ziex ZE-912s 225/45/18 (removed from RPF1s)
  • Hancook Ventus S1 Evo 225/45/18 mounted to RPF1s

  • Tunnel Sandwich Mod :icon_frown:

  • Blue Wasabi "Pheonix" Mod :icon_razz:
  • TXS 2.5" Axleback muffler
  • Lower opening black trim painted WRB on front bumper
  • Full painted rear bumper

9-30-2009: (INSTALLED)
  • Matching Coin Pocket w/ clip and fuse sticker

10-11-2009: (MODIFIED)
  • Painted TXS muffler with flat black high temp paint for more stealth

11-07-2009: (INSTALLED)
  • 17x7.5 Bronze Rota SDR wheels shod w/ 225/55/27 Michelin Primacy Alpin PA3s

11-12-2009: (INSTALLED)
  • OEM Aero Crossbars

11-28-2009: (INSTALLED)
  • New JDM "STI" front bumper stickers
  • Subtle Solutions Carbon Fiber Exhaust/Bumper Heatshield

12-11-2009: (INSTALLED)
  • Garage XTi Hood Struts
  • Subtle Solutions Radiator Shroud

12-12-2009: (INSTALLED)
  • KB Red hangers
  • KB Botox bolts
  • IAG light smoked rear taillight protection film
  • New (non-perforated) passenger side timing cover
  • Blue Samco radiator hoses

12-30-2009: (INSTALLED)
  • Gauge Cluster Mod

12-31-2009: (INSTALLED)
  • 2006 OEM USDM WRX STi Steering wheel

01-27-2010: (INSTALLED)
  • COBB 25mm RSB w/ COBB HD mounts (slightly narrower than stock bar)
  • COBB 25mm FSB
  • KYB GR2 '04-'05 Forester specific struts
  • Ingalls camber bolts for rear struts

04-05-2010: (INSTALLED)
  • Swapped the SDR winter setup for my summer setup (Hancook Ventus S1 Evo 225/45/18 mounted to Gold 18x8 RPF1s)

04-11-2010: (INSTALLED)
  • Rally Armor mud flaps

04-23-2010: (MODIFICATION)
  • JR built motor going in

08-12-2010: (MODIFICATION)
  • GT Performance built motor going in (forged goodies)
  • Prosport EQL header and uppipe black wrapped
  • Grimmspeed phenolic spacer
  • Grimmspeed PnP and coated intake manifold
  • Grimmspeed Pnp and coated TB
  • Grimmspeed AOS
  • Cosworth High Flow oil pump
  • Ultimate Oil Pickup
  • ARP headstuds
  • Crucial Racing Coolsafe Thermostat

12-10-2010: (MODIFICATION)
  • Winter wheels and tires: 18x8 hyperblack Gravels shod w/225/50/18 LM25s

Latest power:

300/315 at the wheels (Protune)

Latest pics:


2005 XT 5mt
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looks great ! how are you liking it so far, especially compared to your previous XT ? I hinted to my future wife, 3 weeks to go, about getting a new XT and got the big FORGETABOUTIT !

The Modfather
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Congrats :) I can't see the pics yet as they get blocked at work, I'll check when I get home. Best of luck with it.
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