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2005 Forester 2.5 XTEN Manual
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Hi everyone - another newbie here!
Just wanted to say hi and share a recent success with other owners of 2004 - 2008 Foresters with factory sat nav.
I've replaced the standard head unit with a Pioneer AVH X3500 DAB, which gives a huge improvement in sound quality even with factory speakers. As noted in other posts, replacing the head unit usually results in losing the audio from the factory sat nav.
I removed the sat nav dvd unit from the glove box and found there is a 3.5mm audio connector on the back. I tested it by plugging in a set of earphones from my mobile phone, and sure enough the audio was restored at last!
So yesterday I bought a small external speaker (model is Jam Rewind from Argos currently on offer ata reasonable £19.99) and an audio cable with 3.5mm male jacks at each end to connect it to the sat nav dvd unit. I chose this particular speaker because of the size (fits in the pocket on the passenger side of the transmission tunnel), its battery life (quoted at circa 8 hours) and its power output (8 watts). Very pleased with the end result - it sounds great.
By the way, if you are installing a Pioneer DAB, you need an antenna which is powered. I used an antenna that sticks onto the glass and connected the power lead to the head unit powered accessory lead and soldered a wire to the foil (?? yes who thought of that one?) ground connector to create a decent earth connector. You need to mount this as high as possible - I chose the non opening side window in the loading area. You will need a DAB antenna 5 metre extension to reach this rear window from the head unit.
Hope you find this useful!
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