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Not the best place in the world to go. I got an ok deal on the '03 XT I bought from them, but now that they have my cash they don't appear to give a rats poop hole about my repeat business. My Foz was missing the cross bars for the roof rack and I didn't notice for a week. I asked about them and they said "No problem, we'll sell you a new set at our cost. The price is $260.00".

Well, that's just great. I can buy a brand new set of the OEM cross bars from Premier Subaru for $195 RETAIL.

After our last election, provincial sales tax was was removed from used vehicles. They tried to charge it anyway. When we were about to sign the papers I asked them why they were charging me sales tax. Their reply was "Oh, we still have to charge you the tax and you have to apply to the government to get a rebate." Sorry guys... wrong again. I called the tax office. They said "Nope. Under no circumstances should they be charging sales tax on used vehicles. They are exempt."

I've caught these guys feeding me bull excrement 3 times now. The problem is the only other Subaru dealer within reach is 3 hours (highway) away.

I hate dealers who don't think people do their homework.

So, for anyone in Saskatchewan Canada looking for a Subaru, stay away from Auto Gallery and Signature Motors (owned by the same people). Do yourself a favor and shop in Saskatoon.
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