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I would strongly suggest NOT working with Shortline Subaru, in Aurora, CO.

We purchased a 2007 FXT Sports 5spd in March, and were involved in an accident that totaled that car (we hit a deer at 65 MPH... thank God my family suffered only minor injuries). Already dealing with the frustration of working with the insurance company, we finally got into a position to look for a replacement vehicle. One we had been looking at at our previous dealer sold the day before the insurance finally settled (nearly a month after the accident), so we and the dealer tried to find an equivalent. This is a fairly rare car, so we felt lucky that another dealer happened to get the exact car we would have ordered (the same color and options as our now totaled car).

Enter Shortline.
Apparently there is bad blood between these dealers. Shortline would not only not return calls to our dealer (who wished to trade the car, a common occurance in the industry), they wouldn't even return MY calls, asking for a price. When I called again, I acted as a fresh call and asked for internet sales, I finally got an estimate from a salesperson, at $2500 more than my dealer was willing to sell a nearly identical car for. I stated they'd have to do much better than that. The sales manager called back, and pushed me for a price I was looking for. When I told him the price I'd buy the car that night for (which was only competetive with the other dealer, not lower), he went on a long lecture about being entitled to a profit (which I've no problem with, but 10%? c'mon). When I then inquired why they would not trade the car for a nearly identical car (same model and trim, different color and options), he again when into how they were entitled to profit, and did not have to help another dealer (true, but he hurt more than the other dealer). I informed him that to order the car, I would have to wait six weeks, and have to pay car rental for that time (over $1000), to which his cold blooded response was to add the rental cost onto the price I requested, to show he'd be "saving" me money if he charged that much more than my dealer. He then tried to convince me my dealer was lying to me (which they weren't... we've dealt with them before). I understand this is business, but businesses are run by people, and people should be responsible for how they treat others during business or otherwise.

I had an absolutely HORRIBLE experience with the sales manager, the internet sales person, and the general sales manager at Shortline Automotive. I wonder if they have trouble sleeping for trying to take advantage of people in our situation.
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