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1999 Forester S 5sp
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Hello, Can anyone tell me if this shifter will work on my 99 Forester NA? Model# is C1010AG001. The info below is from the SPT online catalog, just not sure if the FA and AG matter in the part number. I have an opportunity to pick one up cheap. Thanks

Impreza M/T exc. WRX STI (1998-2007), Legacy M/T
(1998-2004), Baja (2002-2006) & Forester M/T
(1998-2002): C1010FA001 (5M/T)
Impreza WRX STI 6M/T (2004-2007): C1010FE004 (6M/T)
Impreza (2008-2009) & Legacy 5M/T exc. spec.B
(2005-2009): C1010AG001 (5M/T)
Impreza WRX STI (2008-2009): C1010FG600 (6M/T)
Forester M/T (2003-2008): C1010SA000 (5M/T)
Legacy spec.B (2008-2009): C1010AG101 (6M/T)
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