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Shops near Long Beach, CA

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Hi - I moved to Long Beach last year and need some work done on my 1999 and 2004 Foresters. I've found some decent general shops but have some strange things that I think need a shop that really knows Foresters/Subarus. Any suggestions?

I had some great ones in the NE and Ohio, but still haven't found one here.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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AQ Motorsports in Torrance. I'm sitting here right now having some Hawk HPS pads put on. Adon is awesome and does great work IMHO. If you want to drive Subie Specialties in Monrovia is awesome as well. Steve has worked on Subie's for years...He has done all my major services..

Thanks for the suggestions. Since these are older cars, I guess I should have also asked about the price. Are they reasonable?
Steve @ Suby Specialties - one of only two shops in North America I can trust implicitly to fix my car three ways:
1. Right
2. The FIRST time
3. EVERY time

Worth the drive (when I lived in Port Hueneme, 90 miles away), but thankfully I found a shop that's only 25 miles away from me now that I live north of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Vim at Forman Performance could help you as well. They are in Costa Mesa.
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