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Our Supporting Vendors, now 19 in number, provide the major financial support that keeps our community going. Beyond that, they afford access to parts, accessories, information, and other stuff that help us keep our Foresters up and running—and that feed the need to mod. Often they offer our members a very nice deal off of list price, along with terrific customer service.

While most if not all of the vendors are located in the US, this in an international forum. With this in mind, the forum staff conducted a survey of all our vendors to determine their shipping policies as they affect members in different locales. We intentionally sent our requests by Private Message, not employing any alternative channels that we might have had available to us, as we wanted to observe their attentiveness to the means of communication that members might be expected to use in contacting them.

As of this writing, and subject to update as things change, we've heard from 11 of them. In general, most all of them expressed a willingness to ship pretty much anywhere that was practical. There were some exceptions or special situations, but those responding certainly showed that they were willing to work with our members to deliver the goods. Here's the list of those responding, along with a brief summary of exceptions or special situations that might apply. If nothing is noted, it means they'll ship most anywhere!
AMSOIL Twin Port Sales 50 states and Canada
Annapolis Subaru
Discount Tire Direct Some restrictions on Alaska, Hawaii, and APO/FPO. Generally no international shipping, except Canada
Forester Developers Policy is determined by associated freelance vendors.
Grayson Subaru Doesn't deal in items that require shipping
Mann Engineering
Oakos Automotive Some restrictions on means of payment for international customers, except Canada
Primitive Racing
Southwest Wheel 50 states and Canada
Subtle Solutions

And here are the vendors we haven't yet heard from.
For more specific information, visit the Shipping Policy sticky at the top of each vendor's own forum. I'll also be posting tailored information in the International Forums and the Military/Veterans Thread.
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