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1999 Forester L
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I have purchased a used 1999 Forester L with 60,000 miles. The vehicle seems to be pretty much perfect with two exceptions:

1. The automatic transmission selector lever moves normally between R,N,P & D, however, it takes considerable force to move it to the 3,2 or 1 positions. Additionally, when you do move it to the 3,2 or 1 positions it does not feel like there is any detent action to hold it in those positions. Is this a normal condition when these gear positions are not been used over the previous 11 years, i.e. just a linkage lubrication problem, or is it generally a sign of a more serious problem.

2. Ventilation blower buzzes and vibrates badly in the 3 and 4 blower speed positions. There also seems to be a bit of a problem sliding the lever between the recirculation and fresh air positions, i.e. when I slide it to the fresh air position I get get considerable resistance and the selector springs back toward the recirculation position. Are these known weaknesses in the climate control system.

Thanks for any help.


99 Forester L
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