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Shaw's SH Foz

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Well here we are again...

Backstory for all those interested:
Been into Subarus for longer than i can remember at this point. Back in 2010 I picked up my first one. 01 Impreza RS which was amazing to own. Had a lot of good times, learned how to rally, played in SoCal for a couple years then moved back to CO post military. Went through a divorce, sold the RS and bought a SG FXT. Loved that too, had plans to do a lot more work to it then someone plowed into the back of it and totaled it out. Kept it and sold it off eventually to a guy in TX. Moved to AZ and had the itch to get another Subaru. Mainly because I planned on being back in CO at some point but also I just like how they are.

Sooooooo.... I started looking around and taking my time, I wanted something that would be good for kiddos, a dog, and maybe some road trippin around. It had to be a MT, and it would be nice to have another turbo but that's something that is doable later on as well. Spent months looking and came across this thing:

2010 SH Forester Manual with 28K on the odometer!

Turns out the first owners towed this Foz behind an RV for most of it's life and the engine basically never ran. So me being the second owner is not only great but the mileage means it's got A LOT of life left in it. Everything is great on the car, couple little things here and there like scratches or a hole or two in the front bumper for tow bars to come through, but nothing a new bumper can't fix. After looking it all over I have the vision now as to where I would like to see this guy.

I'm going against both what I have always done to Subarus and what seems to be the "cultural thing" to do (aka. the "adventure Forester", I have a motorcycle that can take me further, so meh...). The intention is to hark back to the station wagon days of the Mercedes Estate wagons. Lower than where it's at for sure, but still something that we can take the kids to Disneyland and it be an enjoable 5hr drive kind of deal. So no coilovers or hellaflush crap here. Need to improve some of the looks here and there (sports front grill, some custom work here and there) and some of the functionality but I would like to keep the miles down and enjoy this build more than I have others in the past.

No fancy photos yet, but there's plenty that I have already done, parts sitting in the garage and still waiting on more but here is the list as of current:
Shaw's 2010 Foz
-K&N Air Filter

-Stock 5spd MT

-19mm RSB from Imprezas
-AWAITING INSTALL Pedders SportsRyder Coil Springs

-Stock on Stock on Stock

Wheels & Tires:
-Stock on Stock on Stock

-Sports Grill w/Custom JDM "F" Badging
-OE MoonRoof Visor

-JDM WRC Limited edition aluminum shift knob
-"Custom" dog mat and bumper guard

Odds N Ends:
-Wait and see!

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