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Updates on your project

i think i saw your rig at a house while on a job out on Radar hill road once. Couldn't stop and turn around. Was that you? Damn near broke my neck.>:)

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1 December 2018 Update

Hi everyone,

It has been awhile since I have posted to the forums here, but don't worry there hasn't been a lack of browsing for ideas on making my build perfect. I currently have been pouring most of my time and money to my 2003 Nissan 350z trying to get it ready for racing. I am hoping to do some drifting and auto crossing with it. The car is currently fully stripped ready for a roll cage to be welded in. With a little bit of back story, this brings me to the reason I am giving an update on the forum.

I was starting to have some overheating issue driving to and from my parents for all the holidays that we have been having. The car would run at perfect temps for about 4 hours, then I had to top off coolant to make it all the way. I finally had the car diagnosed this weak, Subaru here in town tested the radiator caps finding no issues, then turned to the leak down test. This is when they found out that my poor forester had blown it's head gaskets at about 80,000 miles.

Subaru quoted me $2900 for the job of replacing the head gaskets. I did a lot of thinking that night deciding whether or not it was worth fixing, trading off, getting a built motor, or getting rid of it all together. I called around and got some other quotes for the job as low as $1800. Knowing others could do the job cheaper, I gave Subaru the chance to work with me on their pricing a bit. I got them to do the job for me at $2500 with timing belt replacement, which they said was a $600 job. That sounded fair enough to me knowing they have Subaru technicians that deal with Subaru's head gasket issues all the time. The work comes with a 1 year unlimited mile warranty that will cover towing if you break down somewhere.

Subaru was very good to me, they worked with the car having all the mods. When issues arose, like the radiator being brittle and probably needed to be replaced, they allowed me to go with a Mishimoto x line radiator instead of their genuine Subaru one. Overall the experience I have been having with them is great. The car is all together and is just waiting on the radiator that I just ordered.

I am looking forward to getting back on the road with ol' bessie. I hope everyone had a good read and has a great end to their 2018 year!

Thanks :thumbsup:
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