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2009 Forester XT AT
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Hello all, I’m starting this this moment in order to get off my mind the progression of the build.
I’ve recently bought my 2009 XT with the intention of having a very well rounded daily, continuing vehicle health, while still being able to have fun.

I’m living in Florida and wanting to maintain the 4EAT. I want to be able to keep the car as cool as possible to reduce wear and detonation. Im not entirely concerned with weight savings and all, so meth inj and extra weight from sound deadening are worth it. We don’t have E85 readily available down here.

First things done;
Car has 131k so did the timing belt
Transmission had leak at the bell housing, so fixed that.
flush and fill trans and front/rear diffs
Full alignment

Intending on going through phases with car as most of us do.

Off the top of my head the intended first phase to the progression is to build off what I already have.
Aftermarket stereo system
(huge audiophile, so sound quality is important)
Sound deadening
Tinting all windows + front window black strip
Front lip
Blacked headlight and taillights
Full paint correction and ceramic coating

Phase 2 Drivability
Already own wrx take offs, considering coil overs
Rims + rubber
Sway bar + endlinks
Poly bushings where able
Strut braces
LGT brakes (thanks docblocs)
SS lines
Sti master + brake booster

Phase 3 Ponies
Cobb or open source ( 4EAT compatible?)
turbo inlet
Full turbo back exhaust
Tgv delete and phenolic spacers
Fp 20g
Aftermarket tmic
Step colder plugs
Meth inj.
Trans cooler
Oil cooler
AO separator
Heat shielding
Heat tape
Exhaust wrapping
Considering Headers (open to ELH if offers better power balance)
Injectors + fuel pump
Sti oil pan
Killer b oil pickup

To be able to have a solid planted vehicle and still be able to have fun passing on the highway and getting on it on on-ramps.
From what I understand torque kills the stock 4eat’s. Any suggestions towards being able to get the most ponies while not turning the trani into Swiss cheese is certainly accepted.
I.e. turbo set up and tune suggestions for have a wagon that pulls hard but comes on easy. Again I do certainly do not anticipate launching or autox’n the car.

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14 Posts
Also just discovered an 02-04 outback caliper hanger will allow your to run larger non vented discs at the rear with the OG SH caliper and pads, no need to get different calipers
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