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SH spoiler on SG forester?

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I recently purchased a spoiler from Ebay listed as a genuine SG5 spoiler. After two months of trouble with getting the spoiler (coming all the way from Russia) I got the templates used for mounting it, cut them out and arranged them on my car. This is where the problem became apparent, The places marked on the template were no where near the pop-off caps to cover the screws were located. On SH spoiler the screw points are located on top and the SG factory screw location is more off to the sides of the hatch. The other two drill points are in nearly the same area and it looks like the spoiler could potentially work once those holes were drilled. I am looking for someone who has either ran into my same problem or someone who has attempted to do what I am considering. I also warn anyone who is looking to buy a spoiler for their SG as many people and I mean a lot have the wrong spoiler (SH) labeled for the SG.


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