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SG9 STi Wind noise!

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Right next thing that's bugging the hell out of me is the wind noise that comes through the door when driving in particular over 50mph.

Ive googled it and seen various complaints and tips to fixing the issue however there are a few different suggestions, now they can't all be the issue surely. The links I've read are a bit dated and was wondering if someone can clear it up.

Which is the be all and end all fix? Who has dealt with the issue, what was your chosen fix and has it worked?

Any links and suggestions are welcome

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Okay, did a couple of things on mine.

Took off the mirror tweeter covers and filled the bits that are not visible through the tweeter mesh with sponge, you cannot tell from looking at it but this certainly dulled the noise but did not completely eradicate it. Also had some rubbers pressed under the top door gasket too. Then I used some grips to try and press the mirror gusset rubbers (the bits the glass slides between) to shrink the gap. Mirror noise is acceptable but its not a BMW/Audi so I'll just live with whats left, if it bothers me again I'll replace the mirror gussets.

Also had a lot of wind noise and a high pitched whine through the windscreen at 120-140kmh or lower speeds in crosswinds. I sorted that by using Granville clear sealant underneath the outer rubber windscreen gasket (used credit card to pry it open and squeezed a consistent line of it under the whole gasket). Obviously I masked of the paint to be safe and I used a bike tyre lever to press the gasket back down as the sealant was drying. I did this first thing in the morning and didn't drive the car until the afternoon of the day after. After doing this the car is so much quieter inside, made a massive difference so was very pleased with that. Its made me want to change the tyres as now I can hear their groan (Bridgestone Potenza S001s). :(
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