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SG9 STi Wind noise!

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Right next thing that's bugging the hell out of me is the wind noise that comes through the door when driving in particular over 50mph.

Ive googled it and seen various complaints and tips to fixing the issue however there are a few different suggestions, now they can't all be the issue surely. The links I've read are a bit dated and was wondering if someone can clear it up.

Which is the be all and end all fix? Who has dealt with the issue, what was your chosen fix and has it worked?

Any links and suggestions are welcome

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Wing mirror gussets replace both and it will dramatically improve the noise. ICP sell them
Thank you but ICP? Sorry I don't know who they are

basically you clamp the triangle section that holds the mirror and your tweeter together, I can verify it works, just don't grab your windows when you close your doors or you'll have to redo it periodically.
Cheers for the link, looks like I've got a job to do on my days off :thumbsup:
So had a look at doing this today and on both sides the lower screw had already been rounded off. Tried to wd40 them as that's the best lubricant I had available and neither wanted to budge as I can't get a decent connection between the head of the screw and the screwdriver... So I'm in essence screwed (excuse the punn)

Best I was able to do was to clamp the outer mirror point and the inside and try to clamp it together to try and reduce the noise in any which way possible. Will see if it's made any difference but I'm not holding my breathe.

Anyone got any tips for removing stubborn bolts or screws which have begun to round off? If you do I'm all ears

Thanks in advance
1 - 4 of 9 Posts