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On my 04 FXT, I tried the rear wiper blade insert you have listed there and found it to be inferior to the factory original, so I ordered the factory original plastic blade assembly instead, even though it cost twice as much as the rubber insert alone:

Rear 16" plastic blade assembly: 86542SA050

Front Wiper blades and inserts numbers:

Blade assemblies:
22" driver SOA591U222
19" passenger SOA591U219

Rubber inserts for these blade assemblies have same numbers but an R suffix: SOA591U222R and SOA591U219R

I also replaced the 22" driver's blade assembly with the one for an 04 STi (Part #86542FE020, if I recall correctly) because it has a wind deflector to help hold it down at speed. Turns out that it fits OK, but the STi blade insert is at least 10 mm shorter than the stock Forester insert, so the inserts may not be interchangable between the 2 assemblies.
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