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SF5 COBB short shift kit confirmation

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New to the forum, while looking all over for someone to say definitively what short shifter would fit my SF5 I couldn’t find any solid answer. For anyone curious, the following part numbers fit correctly, without issue or modification. Of note, my forester is a 2000 SF5 JDM S/tb, five speed manual on an EJ205 single turbo. The bottom line is that the front and rear shift linkage bushings for an 02 WRX fit perfectly, as does the narrow barrel 02 WRX short shifter. Because I live in Okinawa it was easier to buy the parts individually from Summit and have them shipped, but you can also buy these parts as a kit from COBB directly. They’re listed as 02-07 WRX narrow barrel Stage 1 short shift kit. Make sure you select the narrow barrel shifter, wide barrel will not fit.

Part numbers on SummitRacing(dot)com:

Not able to post links because I’m new, but if anyone has questions about the installation or fitment let me know. Apologies if this information is a repost, moderators please feel free to redirect or delete if it is.

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