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SF Mesh grill mod?

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I have found lots of SG grill mods, but no DIY grill mesh for the SF's
I am looking to convert my stock MY01 grill into a mesh grill. Help PlOX
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The grille on the left...

is a UK or Australian market Forester GT grille (I think that's what they call the model). I've tried to buy one but they are $200+US before shipping. :huh:
And of course, they have to be painted to match your car if you aren't lucky enough to score the right color.

It appears the guy in that thread cut out the grid and simply epoxied in a mesh screen. You can buy raw material I believe from Pegasus racing supplies. It would have to be something really rigid as 'screen' type material bends too easily to survive on the front of the car.

My '02 grille poses additional problems in trying to do this because of the extra chrome molding and it's attachment holes. I've pondered this issue a lot and can't come up with a simple solution. Our grilles are also close to $200 replacement cost so risking one to experiment on doesn't fly with me.
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