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How are we doing at recovering the old site's database? Or are negotiations too touchy to comment on at the moment?

It's been a challenge trying to recover the threads that I cared about. I'd stored a lot of links in a knowledge management program, but of course they're no longer directly accessible. Some I've been able to retrieve through the google search based on the thread number contained in the URL, but google can't always find threads by number. Of the others, some are just unfindable, because the subject matter is so broad that there are a near-infinite amount of hits, or because I don't know who the original poster might have been. And many of the original graphics no longer show up, nor do the continuation pages.

An interim possibility might be to start a Most Wanted Threads thread, where we could post our requests for info that had appeared on the old site but we can't locate it any more. Perhaps the original contributors will recognize their contributions and upload them again.
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