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I still have my steel stockers on and they are starting to look pretty harsh. Have always been keeping an eye out for a deal on some rims and happen to find these which are a couple hours from me.

ASA JH3 17" rims with Blizzak LM25 tires. They are from a 2006 STi.
8-10k on the tires.
Rim size- 17 x 7.5
Tire size= 225/45R17
Offset= 53
Bolt pattern= 5-114

These are all I have for pictures so far but they look pretty decent.
Alloy wheel Tire Rim Automotive tire Wheel

Tire Synthetic rubber Automotive tire Tread Auto part

Just want some advice to see if these would fit my 04 and if they would if thats a good price?? To me it looks like there isn't alot of tread left but still it sounds like a decent price even if I have to drive a little ways for them.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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