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2000 Forester S Turbo
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Hi Folks.

Used to ride german cars only.
Had fun with BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes for years.
Got lots of trouble with brandnew Opel (GM) - decided that this was my last one.
No more german cars - more power, more speed, more fun instead: so i bought my first Subaru in 2009 ;)
Model: Forester 2.0 MY09 LPG/ecomatic
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Motor vehicle

Last week i bought my second Subaru:
Model: Forester 2.0 S-turbo MY2000
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sport utility vehicle Subaru

Hope to find interesting posts & needful help in this forum.

Sorry bout my english - I´m from Bavaria.
But i can drink lots of beer from big glasses.

2004 Forester XT Premium 4EAT
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Willkommen bei unserer Foresterei! :smile: Ich bin auch aus Deutschland (gebürtige Dortmunderin), aber lebe schon seit 17 Jahren in Nordkalifornien.
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