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Personally, I'd keep the LL Bean and focus on reducing the loan principle. That '06 XT is not worth $22k, no matter the condition or mileage. If you took out a loan (or modified your existing loan) to cover the extra debt, you'd quickly find yourself in a negative equity situation, unless you shelled out some cash up front. If you really want an XT I'd look for an 04/05, since they should be less than $15k, which is in your price range.

I traded in my (paid off) '07 X Premium for an '08 FSXT, so I only had to pay the difference between trade-in and the price of the new car. I put down some cash and financed the minimum amount to qualify for Subaru's low interest rate (3.9%). Looking back on that decision, I occasionally wish I had kept the X, since my wallet's been lighter ever since I bought the FSXT. :icon_confused:
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