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Assume the dollar amounts are similar.

I bought a 2004 Legacy wagon last year because the price was right and.... well there is nothing wrong with the car, I don't love it either.

A 2000 forester with a wrx swap has come up locally:

From the ad:
2000 forester L
Full 04 WRX mechanical swap ( currently has +/- 98000 kms)
The full swap was done by LAVOTEK who specializes in Subaru performance upgrades
04 WRX engine + front cross member.
04 WRX 5sp tranny + diff
04 WRX brakes
04 WRX complete exhaust
04 WRX pedal set
04 WRX gas tank + fuel pump + controller
It's lowered on a OEM 2006 impreza wagon suspension
I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff...

It will come with almost new yoko winter tires on gunmetal forester rims.
This is basically a WRX dressed as a forester and feels and drives like it came that way from the factory. Very reliable car.
Am I losing my mind here??? I'm in the process of jacking up my 99 forester, and the idea of having two SF foz's - one lowered turbo and one NA lifted - is way too appealing.

Some one talk me out of this or tell me it's brilliant.

Practicality wise:

My legacy has 125 km's and piston slap that really bugs me. It needs no upcoming service. If I keep it I would probably do the HG, TB and clutch at 160 km's. The HG died on my forester 15k's after the TB was done and then the clutch another 10 k's later. I'd rather do it all and not have to think about it.

The WRX foz presumably had the timing belt and other goods changed with the swap.

Am I correct in thinking the ownership costs wouldn't be that different over the next few years?

Straighten me out here folks... I think I'm losing it..

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BUY IT!!! Only if the swap was done well. If it runs well, spools up okay, ect, this sounds like a great deal. It is cheaper to buy a swap than to do a swap.
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