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Dear Forester Friends;
I have an issue on my 2010 Forester that the local dealerships have not been able to solve. Perhaps someone here has some thoughts & recommendations. First, let me preface this by saying that for most of its life, when I remove the key from the ignition, it has generally been hot to the touch. About 2 years ago I started to have intermittent problems getting the security interlock on the ignition to engage when pulling out the key. I got a lot of BS from one dealer and from another I was told that it was not really worth the time and money to track down the problem because I can manually lock the car. I found that if I was very careful to make sure the key was turned all the way counter-clockwise when removing it from the ignition, I could get the security system to engage. This worked for almost a year, but then last fall, it failed completely. Now, my security system does not engage and I can only lock/unlock the doors with the key, not with the remote.

I've also had several other electrical issues:
1. Starting in the summer of 2017, I found that my sun roof would stop closing after a few inches. I would have to wait a minute or so, before it would close some more. I've been told by the two dealerships that it is the sunroof motor and not worth repairing.
2. A year ago when using the wipers on an intermittent setting in rain or when spraying the windshield, the wipers would not "park" in the completely down position.
3. In November, during the Thanksgiving Blizzard when roads in my area were gridlocked, I found that if I had the heater, the wipers front & rear, the defroster, and the headlights all on while idling, the engine revs would drop to the point of nearly stalling. Either I had to rev the engine or turn off one or two things. At the same time, various warning lights on the dash would turn on and off.
4. In January, first I noticed a smell of burning insulation, then a few days later when my son was driving the car he smelled it, but then had smoke come out of the wiper stalk. After that, the intermittent setting and the mist-swipe didn't work. Of course, at this point I brought the car to a dealer and they replaced the windshield wiper control unit and the wipers now work properly. I asked them to again look at the sunroof and the security/ignition interlock, which they did. They still feel the sunroof is a motor issue and they could not find any reason for the interlock issue.

I'd very much like any thoughts any one has. Also, if any one knows how to contact Subaru USA to discuss this problem, I would appreciate that info.

With thanks,
Julie Feldman

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