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Secor Subaru, New London, CT

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we worked with Dave Ongano at Secor Subaru in New London, CT. Dave's a very easy salesman to deal with, no pressure, offered us a price that is in line with what most people seem to pay with lots of dickering, gave me what I asked for my trade-in with very little hassle. The sales manager (Paul) found a 2014 Forester 2.5i Touring model that we wanted and had it brought to Secor.
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Yea, they're awesome. Been dealing with Andy for many years. He sold me the last 4 Subarus.
They were awesome. Andy retired as did another good sales guy and a finance manager. Now the place is run like a used car lot. Slimy sales people promising you the moon and delivering you nothing but lies and insults.

I won't do business there again.
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