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2005 Base 2.5x foz
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I have my awesome memoryfab seat and sliders in the car but the brackets are not tall enough. The sliders sit right on the floor, and the seat is held by "L" brackets with different holes.
My current plan is to weld a longer back onto the "L" and place some gussets on the mounts to keep the added height from flexing.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a better mount for the newer forester (2005) that would get me more height. I was thinking about the sparco side mounts combined with my rails but I'm not sure they will be tall enough (also not sure they'll fit my sliders/seat). The sliders mount basically right on the floor level. I'm not short (6'1") but the seat is still very low. I need about two or three more inches.

Let me know if anyone has found a set up that works well. Thanks!
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