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Cool, I am going to order them. (MB Quart DSE216 6.5" component speakers)

I have dynamatted the metal of the door, and have these little 8x8" things for behind each door speaker. I think I am going to buy the really light dynamat or whatever and do the plastic of the door, the pillar between the doors, the trim along the roof and the rear wheel wells, along with underneath the back seat.
In case that interests you, lol, you arent the guy on here who sound deadened like every part of his forester are you? Do you trust these MB Quarts to be much better than infinity kappa coaxials? maybe these kappas are blown or something but they distort on a lot at high volumes, only with certain frequencies or strong vocals, which I am trying to alleviate, they say they are good under the power ratings specified for my Punch 45 LE Rockford Fosgate amp, which is very oddly rated for power... So I would guess they're blown, so, itt has been bothering me and you seem to be a smart audio fellow, figured i'd pass it by you if you've had similar situations...


I tried PMing this to sea scooby, but figured i'd put it up so more could see it. Also, I would like get front and rear sway bars for my 2008, how would i go about purchasing them and installing them
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