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Screen went black

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This morning the radio screen turned a strange green color - like ocean algae - then went black - I turned off the car - restarted - still black. Radio buttons did not work. Pushed all of them. Stopped at the store before going to work. Came back out - started car and it is working again. Wondering if I should take this in - but figure they will tell me it is working now.
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@tennlabs If the dealer can't replicate the issue, I don't think they'll be able to do anything.

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Sorry I have not replied back - dog ended up with a CCL issue and have been dealing with that.
It is non-nav.
It has not happened again.
Figure the dealer with not do anything - took a picture of the black screen with all the dash light working (wish I had taken one of the green)

Just noting it for records and keeping it in the car. May mention it to them if I ever go to them for any service.
Something similar happened to me where I lost function of the headunit and the audio got extremely loud only in the front passenger corner speaker (lost audio in all other speakers). Restarted the car and it did not fix.

I turned off bluetooth on my phone, and it seemed to fix itself. It happened after I made a bluetooth call.
I have a 2019 Forrester sport, with 300 miles, same thing happened to me today, it appears the EyeSight beep stop, and the radio screen went black and audio got very loud. Turned the car off and nothing came back, except audio . We did five minutes, everything was fine.
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