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Scratched my forester with cement pillar while parking!

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I was being careless and still kicking myself for this.

The rear door on the passenger window got scratched with a cement pillar.
On detail observation i see the primer and in some instance the metal is exposed.

I don't want to spend 1k for repaint. But is there is way to fix this or atleast minimize the rust chances.
I am a real novice while handling body paints.

Please suggest


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I'm going to say a DIY repair will look like it was DIY repaired. :icon_eek:

It's a new car & you're going to have it for awhile. If it was me, I would have it repaired. $1000 sounds kind of high to repair that damage. :confused:


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Place a tape line all around the vehicle, high enough to cover all of the scuffs. Paint with bed liner. Your Forester will be handsome again and you’re set for future adventures, urban or otherwise.
Oh man, I would lose sleep over that damage. And if it was me, I wouldnt attempt to fix that myself but im no body man. Bite the bullet, hold your nose and get it to a body shop. Alot of work has to go into that repair, in my opinion. Good luck.
That can be painted for less than $300.
A good wetsand and machine buff could do the trick. My best guess just from the pic, it's only in the clearcoat, and if so, it is possible to get that to a place that settles your nerves. Try a good detailer before you go to a body shop.
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A grand for that is ridiculous. ^^ What VXSS said ^^
I had a similar incident with backing up into a post in a parking lot with the concrete part that stuck out farther than I realized. Auto body shop prices were outrageous, they suggested going to yelp and searching for mobile bumper repair. I did this and got a really good job done for about 250. The guy came to my home, set up a tented area around the car, worked on it right there and it looks perfect.
A guy i worked with years ago bought a new-to-him Jeep Cherokee back in say 2004 or so - fairly decent used car. A few days later he backed that sucker right into one of those yellow 7-Eleven parking posts at moderate speed (for reverse). The entire rear end of the jeep was folded in around a huge crease right down the middle of the tailgate when he came back from lunch! Poor guy - so yeah - no advice here but don't feel too bad.
Yep, you got into the primer coat. A DIY fix is possible, but it will show. If my '19, I'd go get estimates and get it fixed.
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