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2005 Legacy GT
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Hey guys remember me? :lol: No major mods since the last update, but I added a subtle solutions alternator cover:

Also bought a legacy wagon cargo tray to see it would fit. Need to add a little utility to the vehicle. Fits with a little persuasion, and not an exact fit, but does its job well.

And most recently switched up the wheels after having the SDRs for a long while (on the SF before this and then the LGT). I like the new wheels but still a part of me misses the SDRs/bronze color on there.

New wheels are Drag DR-31 17x8 +47 in charcoal grey. For now re-used my same 225/45/17 Continental DWSs since they still have plenty of tread, but the plan is to try and fit some 245/40/17s under there when its time for tires again.

Only have a couple crappy cell phone pics of them for now but here they are, let me know what you think.

Future mods that I have sitting around are Spec.B front LCAs (aluminum) with Whiteline bushings pressed in, Whiteline RCK (tie rods, ball joints), Hella horns and a lightweight crank pulley. Then that's it. :)
261 - 264 of 264 Posts