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ScoobyDoobie's LGT

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CAR: 2005 Legacy GT sedan non-limited
COLOR: Atlantic Blue Pearl
TURBO: VF40 (stock)
TRANSMISSION: 5EAT w/sport shift
PURCHASED: December 2007
MILES: 19K at pick up, around 49K now

Cobb catted DP (and turbo heatshield)
Stromung catback
Grimmspeed UP (coated and wrapped)
Grimmspeed crossover pipe (coated and wrapped)
Grimmspeed PnP exhaust manifold (coated)
Itsme RacerX FMIC
Cobb APv.2 (Infamous1 tuned)
TruCool 4452 transmission cooler
Subtle alternator cover, SPT battery tie down an oil cap (Engine bay bling items)

Bilstein HD struts
Spec.B front tophats
Pink springs
Hotchkis 25mm front sway
Hotchkis 22 mm rear sway
Kartboy endlinks F/R
STI front lower arm bar
Cusco front strut tower bar
17 x 8 Drag DR-31 in charcoal grey
225/45/17 Continental Extreme Contact DWSs
Hawk HPS pads all around

35% Llumar window tint
Jinsu stacked oval smoked taillight overlays
Cleared 05 headlights
HKC-Speed body colored eyelids
painted stock grill Satin black
de-badged trunk
JDM rain visors
RavSpec PU front lip
OEM outback hitch (p/n: L101SAG000
Rally Armor UR flaps
Stanza roof spoiler

Casopolis delrin AT shift knob/blacked out shifter surround
AEM digital boost gauge
LEDs everywhere (map, dome, puddle, and trunk lights)
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Trade me? :smile:
Looking good as always!
Thank you sir!

Trade me? :smile:
hmm... lemme think about it :lol:
Thank you sir!

hmm... lemme think about it :lol:

It's big... and loud... and still a Legacy.

Okay, maybe a Legacy on bodybuilder steriods, but you can't deny that you want it. :lol: :Banane17:
Hell yeah man, I would love to grab an older subie wagon and give it the off road treatment like you've done with the battle wagon. That would give me something to put those 15's on! :lol:

On another note, finally bought another fun mod earlier. Hotchkis Subaru Legacy GT Sway Bar Kits Hotchkis released their replicas of the discontinued Cobb bars. Have Progress RSB mounts to pair with the rear bar, and trying to source some front Kartboy endlinks now.

The bars will be replacing my stock 21mm FSB and my Rallitek 19mm RSB.

Also should mention that I am no longer riding on RE90AS. Had a bad flat a few week back while moving :rolleyes: and one was unrepairable. Wasn't impressed with the RE960AS last winter, so took the opportunity to try out a different, more winter friendly performance all season.

Ended up getting 225/45/17 Continental Extreme Contact DWS and am pretty happy with them. Not as much max grip or as responsive in corners as the RE960AS, but I'm sure they will be much better in the white stuff.
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Love the latest pix! :smile:
Love the latest pix! :smile:
Thanks man! Here's another quick one I took around Thanksgiving time, thought it looked good sitting in the yard :biggrin::

also added some more underhood :bling: yesterday:

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That rad shroud is pimp!
That rad shroud is pimp!
Thank you sir!

Took a couple more today since most of the salt is off:

Also got a couple of driveby sound clips of the full exhaust on my LGT. Can't tell the sound quality too well on my laptop speakers, hope they came out ok (ignore commentary in 2nd video :lol:) :

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no new mods lately but the stock pile is large again :biggrin:. Have a Stromung quad tip catback (replacing the Bosal), Hotchki's 25/22 sways F/R, Kartboy endlinks F/R, AVO LCA bushings, and 07+ sedan 60/40 fold down rear seat conversion all to come this spring/summer.

Some recent pics after the first spring cleaning and re-spraying the grill for the 3rd time. Always seems to get chipped up every winter.

In the wild from a recent hike:

Also, most recently added the chrome wings back to the other wise blacked out grill. I think I like the contrast better v.s. the fully blacked out grill:


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I like the contrast that the chrome gives. This is still my favorite LGT that I've seen. Very well put together.
Looking good SD!
I like the contrast that the chrome gives. This is still my favorite LGT that I've seen. Very well put together.
Looking good SD!
Thanks for the kind words guys. I actually recently put down a deposit on a group buy on for a JDM-replica honey comb style grill so this will be temporary until that gets here. The silver wings have grown on me a bit, I think they match well with the cleared headlights, FMIC, and mirror turn signals.
Hey, I haven't forgotten about you all! Been crazy busy moving, working, going to school, blah blah blah. You know how it goes. Mostly on when I'm on the forums.

Couple other minor mods been happening over the months. Firstly, removed the front lip after knocking it loose a couple times. Loved the looks of the lip but not the reduction in front end ground clearance.

Installed a Stanza roof spoiler (painted ABP):

Added an STI front lower arm bar:

Swapped out the Rallitek 19mm RSB and stock front bar, for a Hotchkis 22mm RSB, Kartboy enldinks, and Progress reinforcement mounts, and Hotchkis 25mm FSB/Kartboy endlinks.

ALSO ( ;) ) swapped out the Bosal/SPT v.1.5 catback for a Stromung quad tip catback. Sounds amazing, though a bit louder than the Bosal.

Bought a few more items lately, Subtle alternator cover, Hella horns, and most notably, Spec. B aluminum control arms w/Whiteline LCA bushings pressed in.
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Random pictures from here and there over the past months:

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where did you get that exhaust system? I know a guy that sold a system like that recently. I tell you what though, its one of the sexiest sounds I've ever heard.
where did you get that exhaust system? I know a guy that sold a system like that recently. I tell you what though, its one of the sexiest sounds I've ever heard.
I got it in a GB on Unfortunately the vendor has had a lot of problems in dealing with Stromung. :icon_frown:

That exhaust sounds awesome! Any drone on the highway?
Actually there is little to no drone with this exhaust. And that's with a full aftermarket exhaust system.
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