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ScoobyDoobie's LGT

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CAR: 2005 Legacy GT sedan non-limited
COLOR: Atlantic Blue Pearl
TURBO: VF40 (stock)
TRANSMISSION: 5EAT w/sport shift
PURCHASED: December 2007
MILES: 19K at pick up, around 49K now

Cobb catted DP (and turbo heatshield)
Stromung catback
Grimmspeed UP (coated and wrapped)
Grimmspeed crossover pipe (coated and wrapped)
Grimmspeed PnP exhaust manifold (coated)
Itsme RacerX FMIC
Cobb APv.2 (Infamous1 tuned)
TruCool 4452 transmission cooler
Subtle alternator cover, SPT battery tie down an oil cap (Engine bay bling items)

Bilstein HD struts
Spec.B front tophats
Pink springs
Hotchkis 25mm front sway
Hotchkis 22 mm rear sway
Kartboy endlinks F/R
STI front lower arm bar
Cusco front strut tower bar
17 x 8 Drag DR-31 in charcoal grey
225/45/17 Continental Extreme Contact DWSs
Hawk HPS pads all around

35% Llumar window tint
Jinsu stacked oval smoked taillight overlays
Cleared 05 headlights
HKC-Speed body colored eyelids
painted stock grill Satin black
de-badged trunk
JDM rain visors
RavSpec PU front lip
OEM outback hitch (p/n: L101SAG000
Rally Armor UR flaps
Stanza roof spoiler

Casopolis delrin AT shift knob/blacked out shifter surround
AEM digital boost gauge
LEDs everywhere (map, dome, puddle, and trunk lights)
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Looks great! :smile:

Just a word of caution on the plate illumination.

Be sure to get a good distance away from your car (and since it's ABP, make sure it's clean, so that it "reflects blue" as much as possible), and have a good, honest, look at the plate illumination. If it appears at all "blue," take action to make it whiter.

While more and more upscale vehicles now have LED accessory lighting, including rear plate lighting, this continues to be an area that many local-level enforcers are very hung-up on, so be careful! :smile:
Really? Glad you said something I had no idea about that. I actually almost didn't even add the license plate bulbs but decided to at the last minute. I haven't been pulled over in 7+ years :)knocks on wood:), would hate to break that cycle over something stupid like some bulbs. One of the license bulbs does seem a little more blue where as the other one seems white.
Unfortunately, yep, really. :(

But like I said, this depends highly on your local area - and the areas which you travel through most often, too, of-course. What may constitute a "one eye open, one eye closed" kind of thing, as us Chinese would say, in one municipality may well earn you either an interview or a "fix-it-ticket" in another, so it's good to get a feel for your immediate locals' enforcement values/prejudices, as well as that of your most often frequented areas'.

.com isn't without tales of people with LED plate illumination that's run into trouble - but again, it's all dependent on subjectives.

And just look at what happened recently in Maryland:

Maryland Judge Decrees Pontiac G8 GT Tail Lights Illegal

^ I mean, that's just a plain really! scenario...but what can you do? At-roadside, it's virtually impossible - and in most cases likely highly counterproductive - to debate the stop or the citation, and even if you were successful in doing so, that's still time that you'd never get back. And you can only pray that, in-court, at least the judge wouldn't be so careless, ignorant, or as stubborn as the one that particular enthusiast encountered.

Locally, things have gotten much better in the last 5 years, but during 2001 through 2004, it was really rough - many people, regular, everyday folks who were respectable appearing enough: post-grad students, doctors, professors, etc., were getting pulled-over and either interviewed or cited for failing "red-by-sight" laws on their new and unmodified Lexus and Acura vehicles. One particular classmate of mine received two tickets within the span of as many months, from two adjacent but separate municipalities (granted, in many of these cases, particularly back in late '01 through early '03, a lot of the individuals targeted were darker-skinned individuals who were apparently not of African-American ethnicity). The kicker? Ohio has no "red-by-sight" laws.

The reason why I'm so cautious about things like this is because in my area, a little paranoia does save a lot of headaches. :smile:

Now, I don't want you to be paranoid, bro - that's not the idea, here. :wink:

Instead, it's to just make you aware that such concerns are real and do exist, and that as someone who drives an obviously modified import vehicle - even one that appears as family-oriented as ours - this is something to still think a little about.
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I appreciate the heads up about that. With years of driving cars w/ illegal tint, exhaust, smoked/JDM lights, etc. without problems, I'd hate for two bulbs to get me into trouble.
A while back I had an idea for Jason @ R-Rev Sports )R-REV Sports) to make a CF shifter surround for us 5EATers. If you can't tell by my exterior mods, I'm not really a fan of chrome. The stock shifter surround is the only bit of chrome in the interior and looked out of place to me. I mailed off my shifter surround for Jason to make the mold, but unfortunately there was not enough interest on here for him to produce them. Recently received my stock surround back along with the test piece in FRP that Jason's fabricator made. Painted and put the test piece in today.

Stock surround and the FRP test piece how I got it:

Few hours after painting:

And in the car:

Also, just bought something else that I'll be installing at the same time I do the FMIC... take a guess at what it'll be. I'll give you a hint.. the bumper must come of to put these (this?;) on as well.
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What's your hub to fender height with those springs?
What's your hub to fender height with those springs?
Don't know, but will try and measure that for you sometime soon.
Spent this weekend installing an itsme RacerX FMIC and some new to me headlights. They are cleared 05's with ABP eyelids (HKC-Speed I believe?) and a Halo kit in them. After finishing the FMIC install, tried to wire up the halos with no luck, will give it a try again in a few days. Couldn't quite figure out how to wire them up to turn on and off with the parking lights.

I'm not sure how I feel about the change in headlights quite yet, but I'm real happy with the RacerX FMIC. Had to chase down one minor boost leak but that was fairly easy to find/fix. Just the base map update from Infamous1 is loaded and it feels pretty good already.

This FMIC also is great because it lets you keep the fog lights, bumper beam, and includes pipes to allow you to fit LGT style or STI style turbos. Also costs less than all other options out there. Minimal cutting required, was easily taken care of with a dremel w/a cutting wheel.

Ever wondered how low the filter sits with the AEM CAI? Now you know

"new" headlights:

new v.s. old:

cutting and running cold side piping done. fitting the core:

FMIC install complete:

Everything put back together:
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I'm so jealous. :smile: I want to go bigger-turbo/FMIC.

Hey, for your halos:


I don't see any wiring in your shots - but I assume they came with the transformers, right?
Ah, nice writeup! I will look at again sometime soon. I am a noob at wiring and definitely was not doing something right the other day when I attempted it. I found the parking light fuse but couldn't tap into it without the halos being on all the time. I just want to wire them so that I can turn the halos on and off with the parking light switch.

Also, these "new" lights unfortunately came to me kind of dirty and cloudy. Any tips on getting them real clean?

On the tuning side of things, I am not hitting target boost and my WGDCs are pretty maxxed out :( . Infamous1 suggested I pick up a smaller restrictor pill (1mm). Ordered one through the dealer, should be here thursday. Hopefully that will help with the tuning process to get this thing running even stronger than before.
^ Infamous1 will have you sorted out in no-time, I'm sure! :smile:

That write-up is so old, I honestly don't know what I did, back then, any more! :lol: The details should hold, between our two cars, though, as yours is also a true '05.

With the lenses, I'd try the over-the-counter plastic-headlamp restoration products first. There's a lot on the market now, and I think all of them have had good reviews. If that didn't work, I'd then go the old, laborious, route of wet-sanding, but that's truly old-school, and if you haven't done it before, it'll be good to have someone who's experienced with it do it with/for you.

Worse-comes-to-worse, you can always wet-sand enough to get it pretty good, and then use a HVLP automotive spray-paint setup to coat the sucker with a light coat of LaserVEIL G4, and kill two birds (a slight darker tint, along with helping reduce frontal LIDAR section) with one stone!
Been pretty busy, still haven't wired up the halos, cleaned the headlights, nor installed the smaller restrictor pill yet :icon_frown:.

I did throw some underhood bling on last week though. SPT v.2 battery tie down and oil cap.. $60 shipped brand new off ebay. :bling:

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Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I installed the smaller (1.00mm) pill as well. Solved all the underboosting/WGDC problems. Been seeing 18 PSI in 2nd and 20 PSI in 3rd since the FMIC and smaller pill :icon_eek:. It's nice :biggrin:. Still getting the tune ironed out, but car seems to be running strong.
On Monday (10/11), got some new tires put on. 225/45/17 Continental Extreme Contact DWS. Haven't driven on them much but so far am happy with them.

Ended up getting a flat due to a broken valve stem (how does that happen?) a week or so ago. The tire was unrepairable, and I decided to try out some new tires instead of buying a third set of RE960AS. Look forward to seeing how the DWSs do in the snow and rain.
Car looks good man. Nice work on the fmic.
Car looks good man. Nice work on the fmic.
Thanks man! Got a few more small bits and pieces I plan on adding in the coming months but for now am pretty much done with most of the mods I wanted to do to it.

Here are the most recent shots of it

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Looks stellar my friend. Makes me miss my LGT a little.
Earlier installed a Cobb XLE BPV. Was hoping it would fix my noise issue I've been having (see thread here: Still have the weird fluttering noise.

Tested it in full recirc mode and 50/50. Recirc mode only slightly louder than stock BPV (with aftermarket intake, AEM in my case), and 50/50 only slightly louder than that with a different, higher pitched tone. Leaving it on 50/50 for now.

Definitely a high quality piece.

removable plate that lets you convert it to 50/50:

Cobb XLE BPV next to OEM BPV:


Also botched the install on one of my "LEGACYGT.COM" stickers :lol: :icon_redface: so got creative with some parts of it (not the best pic but you get the idea):
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Nice out, cleaned the car and drove around taking a few pics:

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