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ScoobyDoobie's LGT

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CAR: 2005 Legacy GT sedan non-limited
COLOR: Atlantic Blue Pearl
TURBO: VF40 (stock)
TRANSMISSION: 5EAT w/sport shift
PURCHASED: December 2007
MILES: 19K at pick up, around 49K now

Cobb catted DP (and turbo heatshield)
Stromung catback
Grimmspeed UP (coated and wrapped)
Grimmspeed crossover pipe (coated and wrapped)
Grimmspeed PnP exhaust manifold (coated)
Itsme RacerX FMIC
Cobb APv.2 (Infamous1 tuned)
TruCool 4452 transmission cooler
Subtle alternator cover, SPT battery tie down an oil cap (Engine bay bling items)

Bilstein HD struts
Spec.B front tophats
Pink springs
Hotchkis 25mm front sway
Hotchkis 22 mm rear sway
Kartboy endlinks F/R
STI front lower arm bar
Cusco front strut tower bar
17 x 8 Drag DR-31 in charcoal grey
225/45/17 Continental Extreme Contact DWSs
Hawk HPS pads all around

35% Llumar window tint
Jinsu stacked oval smoked taillight overlays
Cleared 05 headlights
HKC-Speed body colored eyelids
painted stock grill Satin black
de-badged trunk
JDM rain visors
RavSpec PU front lip
OEM outback hitch (p/n: L101SAG000
Rally Armor UR flaps
Stanza roof spoiler

Casopolis delrin AT shift knob/blacked out shifter surround
AEM digital boost gauge
LEDs everywhere (map, dome, puddle, and trunk lights)
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(chronological pics)
Completely stock

w/smoked light overlays F&R, de-badged,tint, and mesh grill:

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minus mesh grill, + stock painted grill, Rota SDR's, and JDM rain visors:

+ RavSpec PU lip
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2-1-2008: First mod: Replaced the stock 215/45/17 RE92's (crap) with 225/45/17 RE960 AS Pole Positions

As some of you know I used these same tires in 225/50/17 on my forester, they are excellent "ultra" high performance all seasons. I would have loved to just swap over the rotas from my forester wrapped in these (as they still have quite a bit of tread), but things are never easy are they? With a little research, I learned that the 50 series tire will not clear the strut perch on the LGT : ( . They work on Spec B's as they have different bilstein struts, but no go on the standard LGT. So had to grab a brand new set.:biggrin:

The RE92's which come stock on the LGT, are a horrible mismatch for such a fun and powerful car. They broke loose on me in the rain when barely giving it gas on an on ramp, and broke loose again going somewhat hard around a turn. As you know my friends, this is unacceptable. To be honest, my modded 99' forester out handles the stock LGT by a good shot. A bigger RSB is definitely in order for this one.

Another reason I had them replaced so soon after getting the car, is that I had noticed a weird warpage on the inside of the back right tire :huh:. Turns out, as the tech at the tire place told me, the tire was actually STRIPPING itself off the wheel!! :shake: I'm lucky the tire didn't just fall off while driving 70 on the interstate huh?

To sum it up, great first mod, I love these tires and reccomend them to anyone looking for a great all season. Next up: window tint and AVO high flow panel filter (I need to hear more turbo :biggrin:). Look for the Bronze Rota SDR's from my forester to go on eventually too.

Thanks for looking!

Stay tuned (pun intended)
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Congrats, great choice! Exact color in/out and tranny as one belonging to a guy I know. Actually, I'm the one who talked him into a Subaru out of a 350Z (well, after he realized he couldn't afford the insurance for one at 22 yrs old)!

Nice, nice. Only difference I would have a MT. :smile:
Man I love LGT's.... ( drool )
Nice, how does that turbo compare to a 39?
Nice! I love ABP. I came so close to getting an ABP 5spd Limited GT Wagon when they first came out, but unfortunately couldn't quite swing it.
thanks all, I am really enjoying the car.

filibence, I think the 40 is comprable to the 39, the 39 has more potential for bigger power though. I'm new to turbo's, sounds like a great question for the turbo section though!
what rubber do you have on the SDRs? I think dark wheels are going to look sweet on that color LGT. Look forward to seeing them on there.
what rubber do you have on the SDRs? I think dark wheels are going to look sweet on that color LGT. Look forward to seeing them on there.
Same rubber, just in a 50 series. I'll let you know when I get them dismounted before transfering wheels to the legacy. If you are ever thinking of 17's I could sell you the tires for cheap, plenty of tread left.
So did you end up keeping the SF?!
Still for sale! Had a few people interested but no bites.
Nice car, same color as mine. Mine is has even lower miles. But I'm looking to get rid of mine for something more fuel efficient.
Nice car, same color as mine. Mine is has even lower miles. But I'm looking to get rid of mine for something more fuel efficient.
thanks scans007 and mach six. I know what you mean about fuel efficiency, I went from driving a n/a forester with 87 octane and free flowing exhaust, to turbo legacy with 93 octane. I'm not sure how accurate the in car avg. mpg reading is, but right now I'm at 17.4 :shrug:
4-1-2008 Debadged everything but "GT" from the trunk. Trunk was looking a little cluttered with all the writing back there. Used the tried and true method of dental floss and hair dryer. A little goo gone and old credit card to clean the excess glue left on. Finally, a quick wash and good to go. Didn't realize that "LEGACY"'s letters were on individually, so the "L" went flying off to never-never land. Oh well.


I was thinking about taking off the "GT" and just leaving the stars emblem, but I like the way it looks for now. What do you think?

Next thing I'm going to get to clean up the rear is these Jinsu-power stacked oval tail-light overlays.

Here's what they look like installed on another ABP legacy:

I think it'll look pretty sharp.

AVO highflow panel filter on its way. Stay tuned. :Banane35:
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You should have just upgraded the suspension instead of buying new tires!
I'd drop the GT badge and definitely do the tail lights.
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