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Just want to share my Scangauge II installed last Saturday. After Reading through many inspiring posts be members, I finally did it and feel it's really worth it!
I ordered the Scangauge II from Welcome to the UKOBD and the service was great. Gareth communicated the progress of the order and delivery was fast!
Here are a few pics, sorry for the quality, I just used a phone-cam.
I cut a thin sheet of aluminium 10.5cm x 6.5cm, bent it 90deg at the middle. I didn't use the velcro strips that came with the Scangauge but instead used 3M Dual Locks adhesive strip. 5 times stronger than velcro, gives an audible snap when in-place, and can be cut to size and shape as required. It is sold by the roll at 80+ quid, BUT, fortunately I found a re-seller of adhesive tapes that sells it by the metre! All types of adhesive tapes from Slug tape to Helicopter tape. One metre is 10.29 delivered. I only used 10.5 cm x 2, as unlike velcro or hook and loop, this tape locks onto itself. Really good fix!
From the initial fixing point above the driver's side air vent, it was clearly visible and would make no-good people envious and do a smash and grab. I located it to under the air vent , which sits it lower and less visible, but still offers a good driver's view of it. I routed the Cat 5 cable behind the dash as how 2.5x_sleeper did and shown, but the exit hole was by the lower dash trim side-clipped a bit with a sharp knife and filed edges. The bracket was inspired by skippy 124's post. Thanks to everyone and yes, Scangauge tells you a lot about what's going on with the car!

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By the way, the 16mm hole on the bracket is for the cat5 cable, should I decide to connect it to the Scangauge's back port.

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Final position, cut the bracket 2cm narrower too, and rubbed off blue paint, too tacky!

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