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This week my car started to idle badly and put out a bit of white smoke. I initially thought I had filled up with some bad gas as it started about 30 mins after filling up. It cleared briefly (1 day) with some Amsoil fuel treatment and dilution with more gas.

The idling then got worse and shakes the car now. It also feels like it's got no power when driving. I checked all my hoses, cleaned the MAF sensor and the only thing I could find wrong is a leak in my header. I have a Prosport header which has a kind of "flex" join in the middle (see pic)

I think this leak has probably been around since it was installed last August so I doubt it is contributing but I plan to get this join welded now that I have identified it.

The car now backfires also so I'm wondering if I have an injector problem or maybe a faulty coil pack? I'm not getting a CEL.

Here is a video of the backfire for what it's worth. This is now beyond my investigative skills so I am going to drop the car by my mechanic next week. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

YouTube - Backfire.AVI
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