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2005 Forester XT 6MT
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So my 2004 FXT with about 117k miles, it has started making a very loud noise on startup first thing in the morning. It did it last winter as well but went away all summer with no issues. It's not burning oil (anymore than is expected with a turbo flat 4) and not smoking. I have done the timing belt at 108k and went in this morning and re-replaced the tensioner thinking the noise could be that. However after that I started it back up and had the same noise. It is coming from the passenger side front of the engine. I checked the belt guides, tensioner, and everything else I could see in that area and nothing was moving when I had the covers off and there was no noise. Put it all back together and the noise started back up 3-5 minutes later when I pulled out of the garage. HELP I need some ideas on where to look. The car is a manual and stage 2 with a cobb tune. Any advise would be great as I don't want to take it into a dealer and hear I need a piston cause at that point I would rather just put a motor in it.
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