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RoadBlockR (like Dynamat, but MoarCheapR)

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Well, a big 2'x4' flat box arrived via FedEx today, containing my RoadBlockR sound deadening material. Here's a link to it:

RoadBlockR | Automotive Sound Dampening, Car Soundproofing Mat

Paid $55.64 shipped for 16 square feet, which I thought was pretty good. The box was a little bent, and the sheets inside were too, but they straightened out just fine. This is just an introductory post, I'll get the review done after it warms up this next week and I install it.

Ordered on Tuesday night, arrived Friday. Not too shabby!

My goal is to cheaply and effectively cut down on the exhaust and road noise in the hatch. I also have a 10lb crate of Poly-Fill Fiberfill that I'll be stuffing the rear quarter panels with. :lol:
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Interested, as I would like to apply some to the rear and floor areas.
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